Breakfast on the Beach and Studio Night!

The only thing wrong with today is that we don’t get to do it all again tomorrow! Today we woke up and immediately hopped into our bathing suits. We got all greased up with sunblock, packed up the Cook’s Van, and enjoyed breakfast on the beach. We had donuts, frittatas, bacon, potatoes, coffee, cobbler – seriously roughing it. After we all enjoyed our breakfast, we swam! It was nice to have the whole space pretty much all to ourselves. We enjoyed it so much, that some of us stayed until nearly lunch time! When we all got back to camp, we got cleaned ups and rested (…and packed our bags for tomorrow :(:(:(:(:(). A few of us got massages from our friend Allison, they were so reviving! We used the rest of the afternoon to work with our cabins to create skits for everyone’s Camp Jabberwocky evening… Studio Night! Each cabin worked together to make a skit or bit or act or play or what-have-you of their liking, and perform it for the whole entire camp! Now, Studio Night is always great, but it was heard around camp this evening that a few people may have even said tonight was among the best! I mean, literally everyone got a pie in their face at the end and then danced until we dropped! Not to mention, each cabin’s act showed off the wonderful talent and love that everyone here has for this place and the people in it. What more could we have asked for this week?




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