Kayaking at Long Point Beach

Sorry for the late update, the text on today’s post seemed to disappear Cheshire Cat style! Any-hoo, yesterday was yet another wonderful day. We woke up to the sound of the bell, a noise we love and have really missed over the last year! Everyone was excited to get up and ready for the day. We enjoyed a delicious pancake breakfast, and then got to work on our relaxation skills in a class led by Caitlin. We were feeling sooooo relaxed after that. Some of us wanted to take a ride on Jack’s boat which is also affectionately known as The Chum Bucket. You’ll see it in the pictures our friend Ben took with his drone! Meanwhile back at camp, a bigger group enjoyed working with Ben to make a music video! A couple of us decided to work on some lanterns in Arts and Crafts for later this week! Soon it was time for lunch, and after lunch our friend Claire showed off her impressive dance moves. We took some time to rest up and get ready for our evening activity. After resting and getting all suites and sun screened up we piled into the vans and took a safari drive to Long Point Beach. Here, we were greeted by friends from The Trustees and lots of hungry seagulls. The Trustees took us for a kayak tour on the pond, the seagulls took our chips. By the time we got back to camp, we were all tired and ready to get cleaned up and sleep for another wonderful Jabberwocky day!


Love, Camp


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