Session 7, is this… heaven?

Yesterday was the first day of session seven!!!! A group of counselors took the early ferry over to the mainland to meet our friends. Camp may be a little different this year, but seeing all those familiar faces after such a long time is like a breath of fresh air! The group came back on the ferry and were greeted by our very own dance party, the counselors dressed up so we could see them from the boat – they sang and danced – pretty sure everyone else getting off the ferry wished they could go to camp too! We’re proud of all of session seven campers for taking care of the people on the island as best they can by wearing a mask while we’re on the ferry. We got back to camp, said hi to everyone, and then ate some delicious lunch. We’ve got the BEST cooks here. After lunch, we got to unpack and get our cabins set up, and then we got a period to rest, it’s been a day of traveling for a lot of us after all. After lunch came lantern decorating. We get to have our own Camp Jabberwocky Illumination Night tomorrow!! More on that then. After, we got to tie-day our own camp Jabberwocky shirts. Believe it or not, this is Kelsey’s seventh Sunday tie-dyeing session!!!! She’s gonna turn tie-dye pretty soon, and we’re here for it. Next, was dinner. We enjoyed chili and cornbread… delicious. After dinner, we loaded up the Red Bus and the van and headed to West Chop with 3 jugs of ice cream and TONS of sprinkles. We got to watch the sunset and just enjoy being back together again after such a long time. Once the sun was down, we thanked the Vineyard for the beautiful sunset and headed back to camp. It was time to get ready for bed and rested for another Jabberwocky day. A perfect first day to start session seven if we do say so ourselves.


The welcome party!!!!!

We LOVE that smile Madi!!!

Alex was so happy to see her counselor friends when we arrived!

Are they not the cutest family?

We are LOVING getting to know Pippa from family camp, welcome to August camp miss!!!

Hannah Banana!

Here’s Pippa decorating a lantern – you’ll see more of those soon!

Tie-dye is serious business.

We get Celeste for 24 hours a day now!!!

We weren’t kidding when we said JUGS of ice cream!

Andrew was thrilled to see so many people wearing the “color of the day” — purple! Tomorrow is blue, don’t forget!

Hi Fenway, sweet girl.

Peter enjoyed some pets with Monty!

We got Caroline back! 😉

It’s not a photo of these two without the bunny ears!!!

Tom and Alex headed to get our Michael… things don’t always go according to plan but we roll with the punches here!!!

You should have heard Madi sing along to Mamma Mia while we worked on lanterns!!

We’re all so happy to see Liza. She’s the best.

The Lambs – they’re straight up GOALS, it had to be said.

Nice lantern Richard, we’ll see it soon!

Hi Michael! We love you!!!


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