Drumming on the Beach

Another great day at camp! Today we woke up and got dressed and ready for another perfect day. We enjoyed breakfast and another relaxing hour of relaxation class led by Avis. The breath work was focused on being kind to ourselves and others, something we know how to do well here at Camp Jabberwocky! After that, another group got to enjoy a cruise on the Chum Bucket. The rest of us worked on hammer and nail art on in the art cabin. There are some real artists among us! Afterwards, we enjoyed lunch and a rest period. Some of us took naps, others watched Frozen 2, and some of us got to meet Ronnie’s cat Lilo who was SUCH a love. Then we got dressed and ready to head to drumming on the beach. It was a wonderful day, and we were so grateful for the people on the beach wearing their masks and helping to keep our community safe. We loved drumming on the beach, we were so grateful for our drumming friends taking the time out of their Tuesdays during the summer. Today, their drumming on the beach was dedicated to the country of Haiti. (We support our friends in Haiti during this time, and definitely encourage you to, too.) We watched a beautiful sunset and danced to the beat of the drums until we couldn’t any longer! A few of us stayed up late to watch a scary movie in the main cabin, but most of us were pretty tired and hit the hay. We are excited for another wonderful day to come tomorrow.

Love, Camp


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