We screamed, we hugged, we cried, we laughed, we sang….BECAUSE WE’RE BACK BABY!!!!

Jabberwebby carried us through a long and unexpected hiatus during 2020, but boy are we glad to be reunited at our favorite place on earth!!!!!!

We prepared all morning for the arrival of our friends with the three most important C’s….



And of course, Coronavirus protection (on board the Steamship Authority).

For our meet up in Woods Hole, the Steamship Authority set up a special, spacious area for us with a designated luggage cart. It was SUCH a smooth pick up and they are graciously offering to set up this space for us every Sunday and Friday for pick up and drop off all summer long. We are SO grateful for their help and WE LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH!!!

We enjoyed a sunny, windy boat ride over to the Vineyard.

Sully got to announce Camp’s comeback over the loud speaker on the ferry!!! It was pretty rad.

Then…the happiest reunion of all time happened. After 2 whole years!!! And guess what? It gets to keep happening all summer long as we welcome a new small group to camp each week!!!

We hugged tighter, we sang louder, and we smiled bigger than ever before! Head gear and fairy wings were a requirement. Our Jabberwocky crew was the last off the boat so our welcome squad got to greet every other ferry rider before they FINALLY saw our crew.

We trekked back up to Camp after making it loud and clear to all of Vineyard Haven that CAMP IS BACK!

As soon as we got back to camp, we did what we do best. EAT! And be silly.

After lunch, we unpacked our things and hung out around camp. We told stories about our 2020 quarantines and shared long overdue life updates.

Next up, we tie dyed our camp shirts down on the black top! Tie dye had a glow-up during the pandemic and luckily we had a few experts in our crew to show us their skills. Keep checking back to see how our tie dye shirts turned out! We’ll be wearing them all summer!


We ate Sloppy JoJo’s at camp before our night time activity. A classic. We also welcomed Dan and Wallis, two members of our AMAZING kitchen crew tonight!

Last but certainly not least, we packed up the red bus and headed to West Chop to watch a beautiful sunset with ice cream sundaes.

And that’s all for day 1! We have a jam packed week ahead of us. Stay tuned for more of our magical adventures.


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