What a Wednesday!

Today was a schedule packed full of fun. We woke, got dressed, and enjoyed breakfast to fuel up for our trip to the Native Earth Teaching Farm. Our friend Rebecca was ready for us with chickens, ducks, pigs, goats, and lots of indigo dye! She taught us about her ~15 year old chicken, showed us her pigs, and let us cuddle her goats! Afterwards, we were treated to a special opportunity to use her indigo plants to dye pillow cases and whatever else we may have brought. Rebecca took the time to explain how it works, she tells us “it’s a little bit of science and little bit of magic” – and when you see what we did with it you’ll agree! After we said goodbye to Rebecca and all our friends at the farm we headed back to camp. We enjoyed another delicious meal and most of us got ready for the beach afterwards. A few of us were tired and hung back at camp while most of us enjoyed the sunshine on State Beach. Sam was innovative and created an adaptable mini-golf game here at camp – anything is possible with some tennis balls, baseball bats, and hula-hoops! When everyone else returned from the beach, we all got all washed up and ready for the special performance we got today! Vineyard Sound, an acapella group here on the island came to camp and gave us our very own private show. We all loved it. They’re all such talented people! Following that, we enjoyed a delicious dinner, the home-made chicken tenders were a hit! After, we all gathered together in the family room (screened porch) by the fire and sang some songs while our very own Illumination Night was being created around camp. We then walked throughout the entire camp admiring the lanterns we all worked hard on in art throughout the week, although we wish it could have been the Illumination Night we all know and love, it was still beautiful and something was special about knowing they were made by all our friends throughout the summer here. Next, we finished our walk through at the back door of the Main Cabin and found ourselves some… Back Door Donuts waiting! We ate those right up, thanked the Vineyard for yet another wonderful day, and went to bed. (Well, most of us – a few of us stayed up to finish that scary movie!)


Love, Camp


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