Goats, kayaking, and Despicable Me… oh my!

Today we woke up and got ready for another great day. We enjoyed breakfast and then got ready to head over to Native Earth Teaching Farm. This is our friend Rebecca’s farm that she welcomes us and so many others on the island to teach about how she takes care of her beautiful land. We all got a good cuddle in with French Fry, Tater Tot, and Yo-Yo (that’s Johann Sebastian Bach, to you) the goats, learned about pineapple sage and indigo, visited some big pigs, and enjoyed chatting and hanging with Rebecca. We thanked her and said good bye, and then loaded up the red bus to head back to camp for lunch. Lunch was so good today, and we could tell by how quiet it was while everyone devoured their delicious DIY power bowls. After lunch, we got to rest up and get changed for Long Point Beach. We hung out for a bit by the fresh water pond, and then had a pizza party! Those power bowls really paid off, we used all that power to kayak with The Trustees. They lead us on a wonderful trip in the pond there, it was so fun. It was also pretty fun watching our friends Maggie, Kelsey, and Kellen fall off their paddle boards while they tried to chase us around for photos. Finally, we headed back to shore and loaded up the vans for camp. We got back a little earlier than planned, so it was the perfect opportunity to have a pajama party in the main cabin with pop corn and Despicable Me. We thanked the Vineyard for yet another beautiful day and rested up for another great day. See you tomorrow!




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