Surviving a Heatwave

Today we braved the heat and managed to fit in loads of activities on top of a full schedule of play practice. We started the day with Wimblewocky hosted by Dr. Steve. Some played tennis, some watched tennis, some watched people watching tennis, and all enjoyed strawberries and whipped cream.
Morgan took it a step further and watched Alex watch Skylar watch tennis.
Here’s a nature shot of a bunch of Liefs (get it, like leaves) and Adrianne.  After stealing strawberries and cream from Wimblewocky, a group of campers went to Misty Meadows for some quality time with horses.
We then brought all the fans in camp to the studio for play practice. Who said watching people dance can’t be fun?
Salt water is one of the best cures for a sore throat, so we decided to unwind after play practice by going to the beach!

Shirley’s family came!! Hi Shirley’s family! Who has two thumbs and is getting married on Sunday? KELSEY!

Alana’s dog came! Perfect size and temperament for beach snuggles. “STACK YOUR PLATES PLEASE” -Chloe

Hopefully our beds aren’t too sandy because we have another full day planned for tomorrow.




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