Drumming on the beach, and two birthdays!

Today was extra special because we got to celebrate TWO birthdays pretty much all day long! Happy birthday Richard and Chris- we all wish we could have a birthday at camp, so thanks for being so generous with your celebrations!

Today we woke up, enjoyed some breakfast, and then enjoyed music. We all got to sing a few of our favorite songs together, we honestly never get tired of that. After, we went to classes. The group split in two again, one group went to the Art Cabin for woodworking and the other went to the Main Cabin to make some cake pops (delicious!!!!). Next, we enjoyed another fantastic meal, followed by the beginning of the birthday celebration. The birthday-men both got their own cake- Richard requested a cheese cake and Chris asked for chocolate e with frosting, the sparklers were an exciting surprise! After they blew out their cake pop candles, we got to watch them take a crack at their piñatas. After a well-deserved rest period, we got sun-screened and suited up for… Drumming on the Beach! It was so excruciating to get to see our drumming friends, but there’s definitely a sweet spot in all of Camp Jabberwocky for our Hudson, it was great to see you! Talking about special places in hearts, you should see the space our drumming friend Jude takes up in Chris’ heart! After two years apart, it was so exciting for them to safely see each other once again, the perfect birthday treat for him. We enjoyed our cook out, S’mores, swimming, and lounging in the water. Then we danced, and danced, and danced, and DANCED until we couldn’t anymore. We said goodbye to the beach and our friends, thanked the kitchen staff for the fantastic cook-out. By the time we got back to camp, we were ready to shower and get cozy. Another great day!




Madi let Alex try out her flamingo, thanks Madi!!


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