Just Another Magic Monday

The day dawned bright on our home away from home, with the smell of egg bake and the sound of the bell ushering us into another magical day at Camp Jabberwocky.

We had the first round of Session 2 classes,  where we spoke Español, rolled out some clay, and got grape leaves at a goat farm (long story, ask Ophelia).

After all this learning, we ate, took a quick snooze, and did some Very Serious work on our upcoming musicale.  Speaking of which, come see JABBERWOCK OF AGES this Friday and Saturday at 7pm.

In the evening, camp split up as a small group went kayaking while the rest of us headed to the street fair.

Jason and Chloe enjoyed live music for the second night in a row

Thank you Edgartown EMS for making Kendra’s night! 

Thank you Hannah Currens for these beautiful kayak shots!

Maggie really let Sam Wood take the reigns on this one

Thank you Long Point Wildlife Refuge for this beautiful experience.




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