Boats, goats, and indigo totes!

Not to brag, but family camp absolutely crushed it today.

We started bright and early with a hot breakfast of pancakes to fuel our adventures. Word must have spread about how good Joan and Laura’s food is, because in the middle of breakfast a couple alpacas showed up to camp! We had already eaten all the pancakes, but we did give them hugs and took plenty of selfies.

Then we loaded up and headed out on three incredible adventures. One group went on our boat to tan, search for seals, and swim!

Another group decided they’d like to do a little retail therapy at the Chilmark Flea Market, where they found not just clothes and accessories, but also coffee and massages. That place really has everything!

The biggest group of all headed to visit Rebecca at Native Earth Teaching Farm! Not only were there plenty of adorable goats, friendly ducks, and hungry pigs (sorry Kai!) but Rebecca also prepared some indigo for us to dye bags, scarves, bandanas, and more!

We regrouped over lunch to share our mornings with one another and to enjoy the popsicles that AJ and Nicole helped us make yesterday!

Then we had some “down time” at camp. Most of the summer, down time means we can take a nap, maybe listen to some music in the hammocks, and generally be relaxed. AT FAMILY CAMP, it means we go biking, raid the costume cabin, practice yoga, sew quilts, and fire arrows!

Rest period really did the opposite and amped us up for the next big adventure: THE BEACH! We packed up a bbq, invited our musical friends, and headed down to State Beach for swimming, burgers, babies, sun, Tom Brady magazines, and a singalong! The wind was high and the waves were the biggest we had ever seen them, which was perfect for our daredevil spirits.

There’s also only one thing that you can do when the breeze is so perfectly blowing back your hair: photoshoots! Matt and Kelsey offered family portraits to anyone who wanted, and thankfully Bella and her mom were PREPARED. They’ve actually been matching every day, and this time we just happened to have a professional photographer to capture it!

Every family was camera-ready, though, so here are a whole bunch of cute holiday card options:

All this looking good made us HUNGRY again, so we headed over to back door donuts to see whether apple fritters live up to the hype. After much careful research we can say that they DO.

The donuts gave us the burst we needed to make it home and get some Henna done by Brigette! Then as we sat still for it to dry, we realized just how much we had done today and just how sleepy we were, so we got ready for bed to rest for another big adventure tomorrow!




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