Jabberwocky’s back at it!!

What a day what a day!

The long winter wait is over!! Camp is clean(ish), the tornado has passed, we have somehow acquired 3 more dogs, and all in time for SESSION THREEEEE!

The beginning of the day was boring and involved logistics and tidying, so we’ll spare you.

Fast forward to 11:30 when some of us wore silly hats, others wore their finest travel vestments, and we held up all the ferry traffic because we were hugging and high-fiving each other and would JUST NOT stop!!

We kept hugging all the way back to Camp, where we shared some lunch, unpacked just enough to find our swimsuits, and high-tailed it to the beach!!!

The water was described as “not suuuuuuper cold” which turns out is the perfect temperature for flopping around on the Paradise Pad and splashing each other! Thankfully we had several very well trained lifeguards to keep us in line and also lots of people who look good holding a lifeguard float. Basically the same thing, right?

We got back to camp in time for dinner and CABIN CHALLENGE NIGHT! There was egg racing, cotton-eyed-joe-ing, and of course the time-honored smelly feet challenge! Bandersnatch bander-snatched the victory out of the hands of the other cabins, and we’re sure they’ll be bragging about their smelly feet for the rest of the summer.

It’s Allie’s 21st birthday and Jojo was psyched to help her blow out her birthday candle! What a good friend.

All that excitement in less than 8 hours! Now we’re all off to bed for the first full day tomorrow! Spoiler alert: it’s going to be the best.




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