The Sun Never Sets on Camp Jabberwocky

Hey hey hey!!! You wouldn’t believe the day we had here at camp!! It was filled with best friends, fun adventures, and a BEAUTIFUL sunset!!! Sit tight, we can’t wait to give you today’s play by play. It’s going to make you sooooo jealous.

Some of us tried new things today, like Soph learning to drive camp’s boat!

Phillip looks like a natural sailing the seas.

Back at camp, we hung out on the art cabin porch and decorated jars with mod podge.

Isabel, Caroline, and Darcey are making their way through the 4th Harry Potter book.

Patty held an art/cooking class in the main cabin. She helped us make under the sea themed graham crackers.

Wyatt, Maya and Gabi got comfy on a hammock to relax after a busy morning!

All. The. Selfies. More please!!!

Hannah and Livy love telling stories and playing Uno on the porch.

Corey and Rocky (Liza’s dog) are best friends! They have a bond like no other!

Susanna also loves Fenway and Rocky big time! They love her right back!

Kellen and Maggie felt that we haven’t been having enough sweets at camp this week, so they opened up a bakery named after Rocky’s nickname “B.A.”

The cake was also for Hannah’s 20th birthday coming up! It was 6 layers and covered in sprinkles and frosting.

The B.A. bakery had lots of help from friends at camp and made cake pops together! We coated them in chocolate and dipped in sprinkles!

After lunch, we packed up the red bus and headed to spend the afternoon and evening on the beach.

Livy knows, the paradise pad is the BEST!

We brought out the paddle boards for the second day in a row! The water was perfect for paddling around with our friends.

Jethra is a ‘paint by number’ mastermind!

Soph and Paul had a great time getting to know each other on the paddle board.

We enjoyed a cookout on the beach together while the drummers gave us a wonderful concert.

As we were packing up from our beach adventure and the sun was setting, the sky kept getting more and more radiant.

The sunset looks good on you Michael!

Instead of rushing back to camp, we just hung out around the red bus watching all of the beautiful phases of the sunset. There was a new color every few minutes!

The sky was glowing, and so were we!!!!

There were rainbows in the sky left and right tonight alongside the sunset. It was pretty epic!

Disclaimer: this photo was staged and Alex was not pushed off the van! We have to go up there to tie down our paddle boards and told Caitlin and Alex to pose for a photo with the sunset, and this is what they gave us.

Jack brought out his beach chair to watch the sunset in front of the bus.

2nd disclaimer: there were no cars in the distance when Stella and Liv went for a quick sunset dance in the street.

We stayed until the sun was completely set and drove back to camp a little later than usual, but we think it was totally worth it!

We crawled right into bed when we arrived at camp in the dark. Our day was filled with so much joy and we hope yours was too! Sleep tight!




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