Farm Fun!


What a day here at camp! It was non-stop but that’s just how we like things around here! Our kitchen crew got up at the quack of dawn to make us waffles, muffins, turkey sausage, berries, and bananas before we took off on our morning adventure.

We loaded the bus to spend the morning at the legend-dairy Native Earth Teaching Farm. It was a scorcher outside but we didn’t carrot all!



Katie had an egg-citing time chasing chickens and ducks around the farm.


Holly was udderly a-moosed by all of the farm animals.

Ruby carried around a speaker playing music from Harry Potter and it was the perfect background music for exploring the farm. We’re glad someone was there to turnip the beet!

Stella found her pear-fect match!

Selby and Zoe were farm-ready & fashionable with their straw hats.

The trees at the farm grow the juiciest mulberries and we came prepared with containers to collect them. You’ll have to check back tomorrow about what we make with them! Anyone have recipes with mulberries they want to share? Send them our way!

Rebecca makes natural dyes for clothing and gave us a demo!

We came back to camp for lunch before spending the sunny afternoon at the beach. We were there for soooo long but only have a few photos to prove it! We’ll be back at the beach tomorrow and promise to take more action shots of our group in one of our favorite Vineyard spots.

Our evening activity was….wait for it…..


Here’s a photo of the winning team!

Boy oh boy are we tired! We’re heading to bed to rest up for this group’s last full day at camp tomorrow. See ya then!




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