Camp 2019 Has Arrived!

After 11 months away from our favorite place, we are FINALLY reunited at camp!

Everyone was incredibly excited to reconnect with old friends, meet new ones, and finally get Summer 2019 started! To kick off the day, some counselors got dressed in the costume cabin’s finest attire and sang their way to the dock to meet all of our friends as they arrived on the ferry!

Hey everyone, check out our NEW MAIN CABIN featuring more than enough space for all of us, an amazing camp living room with a fireplace, and LOTS of fun new seats!After everyone arrived, we had lunch and a few of us began to tell stories about our time away from camp.

In addition to all of the excitement of the first day of camp, it was also Ryno’s birthday!

After lunch, we had some time to unpack, bond with our fellow cabin members, and check out how great camp looks!

After we ate some delicious sloppy “jojos” for dinner, we loaded the buses and headed into OB to celebrate not only our first night back together, but also Rick Bausman’s birthday, CD release, and upcoming adventures in Haiti. We all had so much fun at Rick’s party dancing and singing with all of our old and new friends.

To say the least, WE HAD A BLAST! And it was only the first day of camp! Time to get a well deserved good night of sleep as we look forward to our adventures and memories to come!




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  1. Carol Brawn
    June 23, 2019

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