Eels for Elke!

Eels for Elke!


Hey Everybody! Session 4 is off to a marvelous start!!

We had art class with Madeline this morning and created nail and string art together.

Down in the studio, a few media artists from the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival launched a project where they are filming music videos with camp. Today was a practice run, and the final product will debut at this week’s studio night. There’s a green screen and lots of costume cabin treasures involved and we can’t wait to see how it turns out!

After lunch we played games, did some chores around camp, and rested.

After we woke up from our naps, we packed up the bus and headed to the beach for a very special evening.

Two summers ago, we lost our dear friend Elke; or as her mother explained tonight, Elke graduated from Earth School. So tonight, we dressed in our most colorful tie dye, threw on our fairy wings, and glittered and bedazzled ourselves up to celebrate the life she so fully lived.

We enjoyed a cookout dinner, swimming, and drumming.

Elke’s mom, Robin, is a phenomenal storyteller, and shared with camp about how Elke has showed up in beautiful, unexpected ways, in different places over the last two years.

To close out the evening, Robin released live eels into the ocean at State Beach as we said Elke’s name, sang songs, and shouted our favorite memories of her into the universe.

We’re back at camp, ready for bed, and feeling extra grateful for our big, loving community tonight. Make sure to check back soon for a recap of tomorrow’s adventures!





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