Sing with me now: Y, M, C, A !

Sing with me now: Y, M, C, A !

Okay you know what time it is…. this morning was one of long hugs, regretful good-byes, hopeful see-you-next-years, but also joyous reunions, smiles, and new faces, as we welcomed new friends to period 5!

While some of us cruised off to the ferry, the rest had a splash at the YMCA POOL PARTYYY!

Meanwhile back at camp, we unpacked, jumped into our bathing suits and onto the big red bus for an afternoon in sand, sun, and sea!

Everyone reunited at 6 for Taco Wednesday before dancing and singing the evening away at an in-house concert featuring (*drumrolllll please*) Tracing Infinity! Thanks Rick, Anthony, and Brian for sharing your music!





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