Day 2: Fishing, Community Sing, and more!

Today was the first full day of period 5! We started off the morning stacking our plates with pancakes and berries before splitting into two groups: some of us went woodworking, while the rest of us participated in stretching, pottery, journaling, and rock painting:

Camp Jabberwocky yearbook from 2017 (released today) on left. Frame and photo created at woodworking on right. 

When the bell rang at noon, we ran into the main cabin to indulge in rich and delectable sloppy joe sandwiches. Then we divided into two groups again for the afternoon: group 1 went fishing on the Skipper, group 2 headed to the beach!

Dinner presented an absolutely amazing selection of chicken spaghetti, lasagna, pasta, and garlic bread… yum! Everyone met up at Community Sing in Oak Bluffs afterwards where we enjoyed a lovely evening of carols and choral music. And of course, we walked into town for ice cream (could any O.B. trip ever be complete with a bite from Mad Martha’s?)

Off to bed we go! Thanks for reading and see you again tomorrow!






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