Pumped Up for Studio Night

Pumped Up for Studio Night

GOOOOD MORNNNING CAMPPP JABBERWOCKY!!! We had a pretty spectacular day today!

After we had a pancake breakfast together, we spent the morning at our beach spot. The water was very calm so we brought the kayaks with us!


After we ate lunch and rested, we played another round of our favorite game, Escape the Jabberwock.

The teams this week were:

  • Team STT: Dom, Alex, Te, Jamie, Kate, Zach B., and Jake
  • Team Sour Snatch Kids: Olivia, Kendra, Marie, Chloe, Avery, Selby, Izzy, and Judy
  • Team Jabberwocky Hunters: Zach, Maggie, Huck, Jake, Harry, Stella, JB, and Myles

Each team had to have one member dress up as the Jub Jub bird.

JB was the Jub Jub bird for Team Jabberwocky Hunters.

Olivia was the Jub Jub bird for Team Sour Snatch Kids

And Te was the Jub Jub bird for Team STT

Our Beamish boy was back!!

The winning team this week was Team Jabberwocky Hunters!!!

Chloe hung out in the art studio this afternoon.

Olivia and Avery went back to chill in one of their favorite rest spots at camp.

We rehearsed all afternoon before dinner for our Studio Night skits.

Chloe, Jake, Kate, and Judy kicked off the night with a rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

Next up, a group of Stool Enthusiasts acted out the Bristol Stool Chart to promote Stool Literacy.

At the end of the educational demonstration of stool types, JB came out and sang “Gotta Catch em All,” the Pokemon theme song, to celebrate all of the different stools.

Dom tap danced to “Almost There” from the Princess and the Frog.

JoJo and Te sang and danced to “A Wink and a Smile” by Harry Connick Jr.

Then, the Zach’s had a “Zach-Off” to see who was more worthy of the name.

Zach pied Zach B. in the face to show us who the real Zach really is.

Te, Jamie, and Zach drummed and sang to “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins.

Kendra and Jake sang “All My Life” by K-Ci and JoJo.

Myles kicked Jake off stage to surprise Kendra and sing with her.

Olivia dressed up like Justin Bieber and sang his song, “Baby,” while Selby, Marie, Avery, and Izzy dressed up as babies and danced in the background.

Here’s a shot of their studio night prep from earlier this afternoon.

We ended the night with our favorite bus ride hype song,”Pump it Up.”

Then everyone jumped on stage for a dance party to close out the night.

Before heading to bed, the Tum Tum men watched the Bucks and the Suns play in the 4th game of the NBA finals.

We’re so exhausted from all the fun we had today!

We’re resting up to spend more time on the beach tomorrow morning for one of our favorite activities, breakfast on the beach! It’s our last full day at camp tomorrow, and we’re pretty bummed, but we’ll be soaking up every second together and making great memories to last us until next year!





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