We Definitely Have 3-6 more weeks together, right?!?!


Today was another perfect day. We began with classes, a bowling excursion, and a special cabin breakfast.

Special guest Chrissy, a long time camper, was prepared with a story when Jojo called her up at lunch.

Then, we ignored all signs of rain and headed to the Bonono’s house, where we enjoyed floaties and Funyuns galore. Thank you to Jamie’s family!

Finally, July camp would not be complete without a studio night for the ages. We had legendary performances in ever genre  from comedy, to musical theater, to drag show, to wrestling. Can’t say Camp Jabberwocky doesn’t have range!

Sam Wood and Adrianne gave a chilling performance of All I Ask of You

Our fearless hosts, Myles BH and Huck

It’s 5 o clock somewhere, amiright Leif, Jason, and the guys?

Sue gave Bruno Mars a run for his money with this one

Look at those pursed lips-this could only be a phenomenal whistling cover of The Yellow Submarine, by Ryno and friends

Another stellar vocal performance from Zoe, with Marie, Rosie and Adrianne on backup dancing

An almost disarmingly violent performance by Alex, Te, Myles I, and a masked cat figure (?!)

Chloe lead a beautiful rendition of Do, a Deer 

Ophelia moved too fast to be photographed properly-her wrestling moves had Jojo down in a matter of seconds

Shirley had us captivated with a dramatic tango 

Cathy provided a beautiful reading

Desiree, Nancy, Scott and Faith (and a mysterious golden Stoddard?) made Fireworks happen indoors with their Katy Perry cover

Queen Morgan, or is it Cleopatra, who really knows? 

Holly and Shirley forever

Go Kendra! Go Kendra!

Jake continues to knock our socks off with his acting chops and sports knowledge alike

Tomorrow is our last full day together for the year, and we intend to savor every second of it (starting with a very special breakfast…).




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