All Aboard the Impossible Dream!!


Good Morning Camp Jabberwocky!!!!

We were SO excited to wake up this morning and find out we could go on the Impossible Dream!!!! We weren’t sure because the weather looked iffy but the Dream Team welcomed us aboard and the rain held out for our ride.

We loaded up the bus and headed out to Menemsha.

The Impossible Dream is a 100% barrier-free catamaran, fully equipped to accommodate people with disabilities and offer INCREDIBLE sailing experiences!! We had an awesome morning on board.



This is Beno, our shipmate! He loves drinking coffee out of old Jabberwocky mugs just like us!!

Also, it’s Kendra’s mom’s birthday!!! Happy birthday Dawn!

After our boat trip, we gobbled down some lunch and spent some time playing games at camp. Jake led us through a game of Dungeons and Dragons. The group killed the Jub Jub bird and ate it for dinner, then received a special weapon from the Slithy Toves to kill the Jabberwock.

Avery and Olivia spent some time chilling in a hammock, just living their best camp life.

Chloe and Judy helped decorate lanterns for our illumination night.

Kendra made more dinner plans tonight, this time with Jake. She requested formal attire and that he pick her up at her cabin before dinner.

We love our dinner crew!!!!!! Thank you for feeding us delicious, nourishing meals!! Tonight we had grain bowls with so many mix-ins!

We kept our mega-table from D&D together for dinner and it worked out so well for our small, cozy group!

Look at how awesome our tie dye turned out!!! We’re getting really good at this!

After dinner, we set up our decorated lanterns around camp and had our own illumination night.

Our walk took us to the back door of the main cabin for Back Door Donuts!

As you probably gathered, it was a pretty GREAT day!!! We’re snuggled up in our beds for the night, ready for whatever tomorrow brings!




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