Day 7: The Rain Can’t Stop Us!

Day 7: The Rain Can’t Stop Us!

Okaaay, maybe it did make us postpone a few things…

We welcomed the morning ready to explore the island on biplanes and paddle boards, but to our disappointment, the dreary, rainy weather did not seem to like our ideas. So instead, we resorted to basketball and art:

Clouds continued to gloom over us as the afternoon crawled in. Some of us still went to the beach as planned, while the rest of us clustered in the studio to watch The Greatest Showman! The film pretty much had all our favorite songs in it, so we couldn’t help but clap and sing along… even after the film was over!

After the film, a few of us hung out on the art porch for more crafty fun. A small group of campers went to eat oysters as well!

For dinner we enjoyed servings of chicken alfredo and shrimp pastas. Unfortunately, the rain continued to pour, so the cabins put together the first ever Camp Jabberwocky Auction (emphasis on first ever!!) in lieu of mini golf:  

Then we danced to music and treated ourselves to ice cream sundaes: 

Meanwhile, another group of campers and counselors were dancing the night away at a reggae concert (photos to come). Despite the rain putting a damper on the day’s originally planned activities, we found a way to amuse ourselves with indoor activities. After all, we just need each other to have a good time!

Now we’re off to catch some zzz’s… let’s hope for some sun tomorrow! Good night!




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