Sail-abrate Good Times, Come On!

This morning we woke up to our favorite alarm sound, the camp bell, followed by a loud GOOOOOOOOD MORNING CAMP JABBBBERWOCKKYYYYYY from JoJo.

Check out how our tie dyed shirts came out!!! Don’t they look awesome!?

We chowed down on pancakes and bacon for breakfast before loading up the red bus for Edgartown. The first activity of the day was one of our all time favorites, sailing on the Mad Max!

On the Mad Max catamaran, we have plenty of space to lay out and roam around. Some of our friends get carried onto the boat and leave their wheelchairs behind. We bring tons of beach towels and other supports to make sure everyone feels comfortable on board.

Some of us prefer the breeze and views from the front of the boat.

Others prefer to stay down below where it’s cool and quiet.

And some even prefer laying in the splash zone to cool off!!

We had lunch on the dock in Edgartown before heading back to camp. Everyone got to take a little snooze before we got to work in the art cabin to prep for Illumination Night at camp. Madeline, our art teacher, helped us decorate beautiful lanterns to hang all over camp.

We wrapped up art class, ate chicken piccata, rice pilaf, and broccoli for dinner, then had a very competitive game night.

First up was an intense game of charades, led by JoJo and Brynn. The stakes were high, as members of the winning team each get $20 gift card to Camp’s online merch store!!

Harry took things very seriously.

It paid off because Harry’s team won charades! Desiree was overjoyed!!!

Matt L. (left) and and Craig (right) don’t usually get to be at camp at the same time. Matt typically comes in July and Craig comes in August, but we are so happy they’ve gotten the opportunity to know each other and mess around together at camp this summer.

After a heated game of charades, we played card games, Connect 4, and did puzzles.

Our lanterns looked beautiful all over camp for Illumination Night! Thank you Kelsey and Liza for hanging them up and lighting them for us!



Our Illumination Night walk led us down to the back door of the kitchen where we set up our very own version of Back Door Donuts.

Even though our time at camp is shorter this year, our days are just as jam packed with the same adventures and activities we love so much year after year. We’re all headed to bed now, but we’re counting down the hours until we can spend another lovely day with our friends!


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