Cabin Bonding and Ice Cream

Unfortunately, Jojo didn’t let us sleep until 12 this morning, but we did have a relaxing post-parade day. Most of the day was spent on cabin trips. Here’s a quick run-through of what all the cabins did:

Mimsy grabbed some snacks and drove over to the Aquinnah lighthouse to sightseeing and take pretty photos. Slithy Toves REALLY bought into today’s relaxing vibe. They took the ferry to Chappaquiddick and visited a Zen Garden.  Jub Jub drove to Oak Bluffs, found a shady spot, drank coffee together (even lazy days need stimulants!), and did some window shopping. They were so hyped up on the coffee that they forgot to take any photos.

It was SUNNY today, so Tum Tum decided to head over to the beach! Momeraths, Bandersnatch and Tulgeywood all decided to head to Island Cove for a round of mini golf. Holes in one were shot by all! Bandersnatch also went on the camp boat!!!

Gyre and Gimble decided to go bowling at the Barn. Don’t tell Jojo, but the highlight of the trip was the popcorn chicken bowl they ate as a midday snack.

When we weren’t on cabin trips, we stayed around camp and cleaned up the mess we made preparing for the parade! After dinner, we decided to walk over to Vineyard Haven for some ICE CREAM! Love,


P.S. IT WAS FAITH’S BIRTHDAY TODAY! Here’s a photo of her enjoying a birthday muffin!


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