Bi-Planes and bye-parents!

Maybe you thought yesterday was busy enough? Maybe you were looking forward to a nice, calm blog post about Sunday brunch and hammock naps? Then MAYBE YOU WERE WRONG.

We realized we had so much land-based fun yesterday, that today we had to expand our horizons to the sea and sky!

A group of us went on the Mad Max for some breezy sailing and yacht-spotting.

Meanwhile, some of us were strapping on our goggles, signing some terrifying waivers, and heading into the clouds to try to spot sharks and do some barrel rolls without telling our moms!

Big thanks again to the Dralla Foundation for giving us this unforgettable day!

Once we were all safely back on land, we regrouped at the Edgartown pier for some sandwiches and to swap stories! Then some of us did some shopping for some Black Dog shirts and Vineyard sweats, while others did a comparison study to see how Edgartown ice cream tasted vs. Vineyard Haven ice cream. We have a lot of ice cream connoisseurs at Family Camp.

Back at camp, we couldn’t wait for dinner because it meant KICKING ALL THE PARENTS OUUUUUUT! That’s when the real fun began. First, we threw all the healthy food into the compost and raided the freezer for an ice cream party. Then, we covered ourselves in paint and rode around on all the camp dogs like they were tiny horses. To top it all off, we drank a ton of espresso and climbed up on to the roof for a dance party!

Okay, maybe only some of that is true, but since the parents weren’t there, they’ll never know. There is a good chance some people at ice cream at least twice today… as we said, they’re connoisseurs.

What we CAN say is that Madeline came and did two really cool art projects with us- one was making a personalized blackboard and another was doing a beautiful acrylic painting. Boston gets very metal when he thinks about doing arts and crafts.

After that was the moment we had been waiting for at least all day, maybe all weekend, possibly all year: the talent show! We broke into the costume cabin to get the perfect outfits and then set the stage for the performances of a lifetime!

Everyone participated! There was a lot of singing, tons of dancing, even some gymnastics! Everyone nailed it and got tons of well-deserved applause, and it ended like all good talent shows do: a group dance party on stage to the Cupid Shuffle. There were very few photos taken because we were too busy cheering and yelling and dancing, but enjoy these gems.

The parents also had fun I guess because they were out at dinner and spending time together, but when they sent pictures we didn’t see any costumes or ice cream, so it seems like they had less fun of a night if you ask us. Some of them did get donuts though!

The parents came home eventually (ugh) and we were almost all in our PJs and maaaaybe lied when they asked if we had brushed our teeth. It was another A+ day.





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