Furry friends and a fresh-air feast

Family camp is only over the course of a long weekend, so to make it feel like a whole month of camp we do approximately 329 activities in a day. Thankfully, our amazing chefs keep feeding us delicious, healthy meals and Liza keeps buying us ice cream and donuts, so we are able to keep moving all day long!


Today we started off our morning with a visit from our pal-pacas: Leonardo and Hot Shot. They really fit into Camp and have asked us repeatedly if they can stay the whole weekend. We keep telling them that we’re too full and don’t have any beds for them, but Colin was willing to trade his brother for one of them, so maybe Leonardo will be sleeping with the Ditges family tonight!

After the alpacas, we split into two-and-a-half activities. One group went to the artisan fair to snatch up some incredible local artwork, and the other group visited our dear friend Rebecca at the Native Earth Teaching Farm! Some people visited the Chilmark Flea market for a bit but then came by to the goat farm, too, to see Rebecca and her many goats, pigs, ducks, geese!

There was also a purrrrfect cat named Diesel.

Rebecca also showed us how to use indigo dye, and we made so many shirts, bags, scarves, and fabric wraps that we keep saying we will give to friends and family but we will probably keep for ourselves. If that’s sarong, we don’t want to be sa-right!

All this farming and shopping made us super hungry and sleepy, so after stuffing our faces with sloppy joes, some of us were lucky enough to spend time with Valerie and her soundbath experience. Others used our tandem bikes, did some archery, or took a special field trip to visit Kelsey’s cats!

Our friend Max picked up our Colorado families to bring them up-island for a cookout and a tour!

By the time the afternoon rolled around, the sun was warm and we knew the water would be perfect, so we loaded up and headed to the BEACH!

Doreen tried paddle boarding for the first time, and she was a quick learner!

In fact, she really took off…

…if anyone sees Doreen back on the mainland, will you please send her back here? We miss her.

Once again, the lighting was perfect and everyone was born camera-ready, so we couldn’t resist taking more family photos! (hey families: click the pic and THEN right click to save- they should be print quality! and/or tell Kelsey to email them to you)

We also celebrated Doreen’s birthday (yesterday), Ramana’s birthday (today), Jane’s birthday (tomorrow), and Ayo and Doreen’s 17th Anniversary (also today)!

Rick and Hudson stopped by the beach and brought some drums and other cool instruments, which turned into a cacophonous and collaborative collective.

Then, almost everyone decided that they’d like an apple fritter nightcap, so they headed to Back Door Donuts. Four of us figured we’d forego donuts in favor of (not too scary) ghost stories around a fire! We were treated to a beautiful sunset and here are a bunch of photos of Alex and Becky because I couldn’t help myself they just looked TOO GOOD.

When we got back to camp, we were feeling a liiiiiittle outta whack. Thankfully, Dr. Bryan the chiropractor was there to fix all our aches and pains and get us into tip top shape for tomorrow’s big adventures! Can’t wait to see what’s in store!




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