First day of Family Camp!

Guess what- family camp is back and better than ever! We have eight families geared up and ready for a weekend of ice cream, sailing, alpacas, and so much more!

Almost everyone arrived today, unpacked, and spent most of the afternoon catching up with friends from last year, getting some quality time on our excellent swings, and meeting some great new friends!

There were a couple pirates spotted around Camp, but thankfully they were friendly and would transform back into tiny children when offered candy or Newman-o’s. 

Sam made sure we stayed on schedule, otherwise all the moms would still be chatting on the porch by now… 

Nothing like dad’s embarrassing their daughters by taking soooo many photos of them, right daughters?!

Kristen led a series of ice-breakers, including “family superlatives” where we learned important facts like which family had the most pets (15 chickens and 2 dogs) and who the oldest dad was (name redacted).

Jack, who is not usually a dog person, found a GREAT new pal in Skippy. 

We also played some games before dinner, like Candy Land and Eat-All-The-Skittles-While-Answering-Personal-Questions.

After eating a delicious dinner cooked by Jake (thank you Jake!!), we realized that there was still an ice-cream-shaped hole in our stomachs, so we walked to Mad Martha’s to fix that issue.

Some of us got lost on the way and ended up in Upside-Down World…

… but eventually everyone made it to ice cream!

If today is any inclination, this weekend is going to include a whole lot of fun and probably too much sugar. We can’t wait!




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