Just like Sister Sledge sang about, we got all our sisters (and brothers and parents and some pets) with us and we are ready for Family Camp 2019!!!

Some families couldn’t wait to get the party started and showed up on earlier ferries to be the first people to hug us!!

Most of the crew then came over together this afternoon, and let me tell you we could NOT contain our excitement! In fact, here’s a series of Annie being unable to contain her excitement.

We rolled back up to Camp to start unpacking and claiming the comfiest bunks in each cabin, and then we had a little time to catch up with our old friends and meet some amazing new ones!

Kristen led some great family icebreakers that included scrambling to find the right order of the Jabberwocky poem and pitching your family in an ad to try to get people to abandon their families and join theirs instead. Some people made family jingles, others promised cake for breakfast, and one even enticed us all with a trip to Florida! The good news is everyone’s family sounded so great that we just decided to merge into one big family and hyphenate all of our last names together.

After ice breakers, we had our friends Nicole and AJ come from Yommi popsicles and teach us how to make healthy and tasty popsicles out of honey, coconut milk, vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, fresh fruit, and a few other ingredients! We helped with all the steps and got to make our own popsicles to enjoy tomorrow!

All that popsicle making made us hungry, and thankfully Laura and Joan were there to make us a deeeeelicious first dinner!! Hi Joan, thank you for the yummy pasta!

We were a little worried we’d be too full from dinner to be able to eat ice cream, but then we remembered there’s a completely different stomach in your body specifically for dessert. It’s science, we promise. So we headed down to Mad Martha’s for a scoop (or two) of our favorite flavors! Turns out, we can all scream for ice cream but we ALSO all scream once we’ve eaten ice cream because we are so hyped up on sugar.

By the time we got back to camp, the sugar rush died down and the exhaustion from everyone’s busy travel day hit, so we crawled into bed to rest up for what promises to be an amazing full day tomorrow!




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