“Friends Forever” – Phillip

It was another rainy day at Camp Jabberwocky, but that didn’t stop us from having a blast all day long! The blog title was inspired by Phillip, who said today made him feel like he had “friends forever” at camp. We DO have friends forever at camp, Phillip! You’re so right!

This morning we opened up the Tan Dog Tavern for made to order breakfast! Thanks to Kim, Kaitlyn, Jordan, and Patty for whipping up the most delicious breakfast to kick off the day!

A+ presentation!!

Hannah got to meet Lifeguard Nurse Ronnie’s cat after breakfast!

One of the morning class options was the “Take a Dump” class where Kaitlyn helped us make dumplings!!

Some were turkey-fulled and others were veggie-filled. We got to enjoy them for lunch!

The gloomy weather made us feel like lounging on the porch with a warm fire.

Corey got to spend a lot of time with his favorite pups this afternoon.

Hey Lucy-loo! We love you!!!

Avis hosted a writing class on the porch.

Darcy requested more Harry Potter today, so we skipped up to watch the 4th movie.

Jethra worked on lots more color by number drawings.

Taylor dyed her hair blue!!! It looks sooooo good!


There were a few challenges after lunch, including an arm wrestling challenge..

and a no-hands gum hunt involving lots of whipped cream!

A small group braved the iffy weather to hang out at the beach this afternoon!

A small group went out to Jaws Bridge to cheer on the folks taking the plunge!

Tonight was studio night!!

Our first act was the Mimsy Girls dancing to Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off.

Michael and Alex mc-ed the night! Michael told lots of funny jokes and gave so much praise to the performers, while also learning his communication device with Kim’s help!

Susanna sang and danced to Break This Down by the Descendents.

Phillip and Zach sang and danced to Officer Krupke from West Side Story.

Michael works at Home Depot during the year and helps customers find what they’re looking for in the store, so we made a comedy sketch about it!

Michael greeted customers at “The Big Depot,” where everything is supersized. It was hilarious!

Soph missed her Bat Mitzvah because of COVID this year, so we celebrated her with a very special camp Bat Mitzvah, where Jeremy Long was the Rabbi.

Darcy’s skit was Harry Potter-themed to the tune of “The Mysterious Ticking Noise.”

Jethra showed off her artwork for her studio night skit! The crowd was making bids on her beautiful pieces.

Wyatt’s cabin organized Take Me Out to the Ball Game for his act.

When the performances ended, we all rushed the stage for a dance party!

Jethra requested “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and “Rainbow Connection.”

Soph and Kellen danced the night away and couldn’t stand up straight by the end of the dance party.

Michael requested Hey Jude.

We had SUCH a fun week. Our hearts are SO full! We’re really sad to say goodbye to our friends tomorrow, but we’re already looking forward to all the fun we’ll have together next year!








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