Fried-day Fun-day

FIRST OF ALL. TODAY IS JAMES’S BIRTHDAY. He turned 21! Which is a very exciting birthday, so we celebrated HARD. 

We started the day off with breakfast, which was pretty normal.. but then SWAPPED OUR ROUTINE. We didn’t have classes in the morning. Instead, we took a leisurely stroll to go visit our friends at the Net Result for some seafood, fried food, and even some fried seafood!!

Once we were done, we went to the place from whence our lunch came to give thanks to the brethren of our lobster rolls, fried clams, etc. etc… And also to tan, float in rafts and splash around! 

Anyways, we have arrived at the part of our day which was backwards. After beach, showers, and dinners… WE HAD NIGHT CLASSES instead of in the MORNING. It was nuts. They were all play themed as preparation for our play LESS MISERABLE (THAN USUAL). In case you were curious, it is TUESDAY, AUGUST 6 at 7 PM at 200 GREENWOOD AVE. Consider these pictures your sneak peek. 

A small group went to a steel drum band concert that Rick Bausman invited us to! They cleaned up good, huh?

To close out the night, Jethra led all interested parties in Shabbat!

Then, we all went prayerfully to bed!

Laila Tov




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