Summer Day Sunday

As always, we woke up excited for another day at camp. Although, most of us were sad it was our last day of camp for the summer. But we made the most of it.

Breakfast on the beach was awesome. The food was really good. We had eggs and oatmeal and donuts! We went swimming in the very nice, clear, and refreshing water. The weather was nice but not too sunny. It was hot though! (Frying an egg on the sidewalk hot.) It ‘s hard to admit that this was our last beach day of the summer 🙁 But you’ll see smiling faces in the pictures below!

We returned to camp for lunch. There were stellar chicken salad sandwiches! After lunch, we packed our bags and then had some down time to rest. We bought lots of awesome camp merch at the camp store!

 Dinner tonight was super! After dinner we loaded our red bus and headed to Bridge Beach to see the sunset!

Thank you, Robbie and Gage, for writing the blog today!

“Camp is really fun and awesome!”  -Robbie

“Thank you everybody for a great summer!” – Gage

That’s a wrap of August 2019. All the great friendships and memories will last a lifetime. See you all next summer in 2020! We’re guessing that’s about 334 days! It’ll go by quick!

Lots of love,

Camp Jabberwocky

P.S. Thank you to all of our campers, counselors, chefs, medical staff, and support staff, and our amazing camp directors Caitlin and Nora for making this summer possible. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

It was our first summer enjoying our new space! Special thank you to the builders and designers for the renovation of our main cabin and our new cabin called Tum Tum.


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