Not your average Tuesday!

Even though we woke up to some cloudy skies this morning, we couldn’t even think about that because we had so much to do this morning! Not to mention we woke up to a family of guest chefs for breakfast! Thank you Rosenbloom family for all of your help this morning.

We split into many different groups today for morning activities. One group went on the Impossible Dream sailboat, while others either went to a wood working class at South Mountain Company or to Horseback Riding. Some stayed back at camp and participated in a Yoga class!

After lunch, we had some time to tidy up our cabins, and take a rest period to spend however we would like. A few brave souls ventured to the beach for a quick dip in the ocean. Due to the weather, we did not have a normal Drumming Tuesday. Instead, the drummers came to join our cook-in at camp and just like last week, did their drumming for us in the studio! Thank you drummers! Tomorrow is a camp favorite activity, the Fialkow pool party!


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