What’s a pirate’s favorite letter?


This morning some of us swashbuckling scallywags were lucky enough to get to go hunt for treasure with some bonafide PIRATES!

Coral, Skiff, and Bubbles from MV Pirates made sure we were appropriately outfitted for plundering, and we were all very brave and didn’t wince at all when we got our face tattoos (sorry, moms).

Then we learned some pirate words and pirate ship safety per regulation of the US Coast Guard, and finally we were ready for Captain Flint to set sail!! YARRRRR!

We wanted to find some treasure, but first we had to find a map and put it back together to figure out where it could be!

Then, as we were searching, a TRAITOR snuck up and tried to steal our pirate secrets!! Thankfully, we had a bunch of sharpshooters who fended him off with some water cannons. NOT TODAY, NESSIE.

Once the traitor was banished, Seth and George spotted the X in the ocean and pulled up some treasure! They wanted to keep it for themselves, but we all took the pirate’s oath so we promised to always share our treasure and never brush our teeth (sorry again, moms).

What else do pirates do when they find treasure besides have a round of Pirate Pete’s Grog and a dance party!

Thank you for such a great ocean adventure, MV Pirates!!!!




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