A Talented Saturday

Today was the day of the race! Those of us who wanted to go woke up at 6:30! We got to the farm and ate our pre-made breakfast sandwiches! Thank you to our chefs for making those for us so early.  We all had a great race! Congrats to Kyle and Chris who won the wheelchair category.

Kevin and Jamie placed second.
Emmy and Keagan placed third.
Dan and his mom ran the race! They did great!
Michael and Ronnie are all smiles heading to the finish line!
Athena, Carina, and Stella are stellar runners!
That’s a photo finish for Tori and Mary!
Alex, Andrew, Gracie, Emmy, Harry, and Claudia coming in hot!
Champion Claire poses after her race.
Peter cooling off after he ran the whole race! Way to go Peter!
Thank you to the water station team!
Thank you James, for handing out the awards!
Congrats to all racers today! Thank you to everyone who entered the race and supported our camp! We appreciate you very much!
Those of us who didn’t want to go to the race slept in and had a nice relaxing morning with a nice breakfast. We packed our sandwich lunches and headed to the beach. Once all of camp was on the beach, we could down on our sandwiches. We rested when we came home, and had burritos for dinner! After dinner we had one of our favorite traditions at camp: studio night! It was an entertaining talent show!
If it started as a solo, it ended as an ensemble. If it was scripted, there was a lot of improvising. Everyone had a great time!
Special shout out to Rockstar Robbie for handing out water today during the race and for being an amazing co-author on todays blog!
Thanks Kevin, for hosting the show!
Have a great night everyone!

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  1. Liz Goulart
    August 18, 2019
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    August 18, 2019

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