Drumming on the Beat-ch

Can you believe it’s been almost a whole week since we got here? Time really flies when you’re with your most favorite people in the whole world! We’re not talking about the fact that some of us are leaving. We ARE talking about the fact that some more of us are coming tomorrow!! But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about today!

This morning was so full of classes! We went to art, and archery, and woodshop, and horseback riding!

Also, our curriculum (and baby) expert Briana started a new class today! Baby-Food Taste Testing!!! And conveniently, there was also a baby named Phoebe! Who was an expert in being a baby named Phoebe! 

Then we ate lunch and took some time to do the p-word (pack). But we didn’t do that sad thing for too long! 

Today is Tuesday! So we had drumming on the beach! We say this a lot, but it was AH-MAZING. See for yourself!

We danced the sun down and gave Rick and the gang a big ol’ hip hip hooray!

Good night!




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