No such thing as the Monday Blues at Jabberwocky!

Welcome all Week 3 campers! What a way to start a Monday! In places all around the world other than Camp Jabberwocky, people may be experiencing the Monday blues. At camp, besides not even knowing what day it is (unless it’s a Drummin’ Tuesday) that phrase doesn’t even cross our minds. We started off our day at The Barn Bowl and Bistro where we saw some talents truly shine. We all enjoyed a delicious lunch (fan favorite were the french fries) before heading straight to the beach. It was a somewhat cloudy day but the brave souls swam anyways!

Our new friend Dan sure wasn’t afraid to jump right into the water!

Pictured above is Emmy and Adam dressed in their Monday best for a date night at dinner over some chicken and broccoli penne alfredo.

We wrapped up the night with a special guest visitor, Paulie, who happened to bring delicious cupcakes and brownies for dessert, for some Cup of Karma! Campers and counselors were able to share stories about important and influential people in their lives. It was a great treat to hear so many stories being shared and heard from all!

And we closed out the night with a good old fashioned “Hip hip hooray” led by Jack and Michael Fogelman! Goodnight to all, see you tomorrow for a Drummin Tuesday!


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