Rain, rain go away…

Rain, rain go away…

Following a scrumptious breakfast from Back Door Donuts (thank you guys!), some of us loaded onto the vans for biplanes. But shortly after we arrived in Edgartown for takeoff, the skies unleashed a downpour… so we decided to try again another day and headed to a nearby restaurant for LOBSTER ROLLS, FANCY SANDWICHES, & ICE CREAM … which turned out to be a serendipitous alternative!

Meanwhile at camp, polaroid pallooza ensued. After lunch we played games and chatted in the living room and watched a film in the studio:

At 4, we held a memorial service for Skipper Brooks, who was and will always be a beloved part of our Jabberwocky family:

Sadly the rain continued to flood the area… but that didn’t stop us from our Tuesday drumming traditions! We gathered in the main cabin for an evening of cookout style hamburgers and hot dogs, a good drumbeat, and dance:

Hoping for a sunny day tomorrow, but for reals… today was surprisingly really great despite the rain 🙂




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    August 15, 2019

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