Farms and Fritters!

Buckle up, because we had such a crazy awesome day and we’re ready to tell you all about it (and also we love buckling up and safety in general [okay maybe just the blogger loves it but she controls the narrative right now]).

This morning, we wished JANE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Jane is a wonderful board member, wonderful sous chef, and wonderful person in general. We are so happy she loves Jabberwocky as much as we love her!

Then we ate a bunch of muffins. THEN we hung out with some furry friends of ours… the alpacas! Or should we say a couple of good palpacas??

The alpacas really whet a bunch of our appetites for petting farm creatures, so some of us loaded up and went horseback riding and others went to Native Earth Teaching Farm to hold some goats!

A few of us decided it was just too nice of a day to be landlocked, so we went out for a boat ride with Captain Jack and Captain-in-training Noah!

After all our morning adventures, we regrouped, washed our hands (food safety is also fun!) and dug into some tasty lunch while we thought about our afternoon plans.

Some people took part in a restorative sound bath, while others honed their archery skills!

Finally, it was time for us to all load up and head to one final beach day of the summer (WHAT?!) and man oh man was it a great one!

The waves were bigger than we were used to at State Beach, but the water was 73º so there were plenty of people who braved the waves and went swimming, paddleboarding , and floating (yay lifevests!)!

We ate another wonderful BBQ (thank you for the donated BBQ meats, MV Sharks!!) and generally enjoyed each other’s company.

THEN we had a hankering for something sweet, fresh outta the fryer, and maybe covered in chocolate, so we completely invaded Back Door Donuts and stuffed our faces, as usual!! Josh, the super awesome manager, helped us create one of the best things we have ever experienced in our lives: CHOCOLATE APPLE FRITTERS.

Wow. Truly visionaries. This is what Camp Jabberwocky is all about.

Tomorrow is another glorious day but if we don’t sleep now then we might miss it, so goodnight!!




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