A Beach Break Award

Today, for the first time ALL SESSION, we went to the beach! It was a much appreciated break from play practice.

Skylar shows off his scrapbook. Did you know there are 2 hosts of Blue’s Clues, Steve and Joe, and they wear green shirts?!?

There were a few splash fights…

There was a swim race! Te vs. Hannah vs. Kellen.

Despite the ladies’ competitive swimming experience, Te left them in his wake.

There was even a Sam Wood impersonator!

2 Sam Wood impersonators?!?

4 Sam Wood impersonators?!?!?

There was paddle-boarding!

There were gossip magazines…

Brynn was intrigued.

We agree Faith’s t-shirt, we agree.

There was some singing about Top Hat, the lizard king!

P.S. Maggie also broke a bench today.

If you need us, we’ll be in the studio for the next 48 hours or so.




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    July 13, 2017

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