Bowling, Beading, Basketball and Beautiful Sunset!

Today had so many fun adventures to choose! After our delicious French toast breakfast, some of us headed to the bowling alley. It was fun! We knocked down so many pins! Did we mention we had a pizza party too?!
Some of us hung back at camp for our classes which we got to choose between making friendship bracelets, print making, and playing basketball.
We all gathered back at camp then headed to the beach!
In the evening, some of us went to Martha’s Vineyard High School to see the play “Once Upon A Mattress”. It was a good play, we got to sing along! Right before the play, we had another pizza party!
The rest of us traveled to West Chop to watch the sunset. The sun and the sky and the water were perfect for a camp family photo shoot! We were all smiles.
We can’t wait for the sunrise on a new day at camp! See you tomorrow.

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