Showering babies with sharks!

Hello world! Today we woke up with a little extra spring in our step due to a late wake-up. The extra half hour of sleep was seriously needed, because our day was so jam-packed with FUN!

We had an art class!

There was crab-cratching at Owen Park!

Someone (Kellen) dropped a net in the water…

But don’t worry guys, she got it back.

Then the Sharks came for lunch!

Kendra was our official door-greeter, welcoming all the players with a fist bump and a “What up?”

George donned his best Sharks merchandise for the occasion.

Cathy chatted them up.

Maggie and Hope E. check out the line-up.

They told us some stories…

This guy fell face first off of their parade float!

The main cabin was packed.

And Kendra said her farewells on their way out.

Also, Burkle’s baby shower was today! She is having a baby girl in October!

She pretended to be surprised when we shouted “Surprise!”, although it wasn’t a surprise at all. She’s a pretty good actress.

Sully gave us some mom life hacks, like using duct tape as baby wipes or something like that.

Then, a REAL surprise! A beautiful stork came to Burkle and delivered her TWINS!

The stork then partook in a diaper changing contest… 

The stork lost horrifically.

The Men of Jabberwocky then performed ANOTHER acoustic rendition of Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz! It’s apparently very versatile. Who knew?

The lunch-making queen presented us with some very tasty looking diapers! That is CHOCOLATE inside that diaper, for a melted candy identification game.

Jub Jub had some very strong opinions on the diapers’ contents.

Things got a little heated between Slithy Toves and Jub Jub.

Burkle opened gifts!

She got some beautiful towels from Sharon!

Some cards from Cathy Disciullo…

A mobile from Gyre and Gimble!

Bella and Elyse helped her unwrap some clothing…

As well as model it!

All of camp collaborated to make her a sunflower portrait, using our thumbprints to make the petals!

We decorated some onesies, t-shirts, and quilt squares.

There was a station for leaving her notes of advice and encouragement.

Also, this was all organized by Maggie! Thanks Maggie! We love you!

Then, because we didn’t have quite enough fun today, we headed down to the Vineyard Haven street fair!

There was dancing!

There were balloons!

There were ALPACAS!

Dom screamed for ice cream!

Kendra and Chris ate a romantic dinner of mozzarella sticks.

There was a shark!

There was BARRA!

Now, we need to get our beauty sleep on in preparation for PROM tomorrow!




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