Rain, rain, go away – jk we don’t care!

Day two was nothing short of wonderful. You would not believe the rain we woke up to! It was hard to motivate ourselves to move from our cozy cabins while it poured, but nothing gets us motivated over here like the ring of the 8am bell and a hot meal waiting for us all. The blueberry scones were definitely a hit. After breakfast we enjoyed music led by Caroline, she taught us some warm-ups and helped us practice our low notes. After, everyone got to choose a few songs to sing with the group. Following music, there were some classes. Camp split into two groups. The first group went down to the studio where Caitlin led a “body work” class all about relaxing our muscles and loosening up – we all needed that after the last year! An art class was led by Madelyn where we worked on glass and paper lanterns for tonight. After we swapped classes and everyone got their fill of loosening up and crafting, we enjoyed yet another wonderful meal! After lunch, we got to rest and because the rain finally let up… we got to the beach!!!! Alright, so maybe it rained a bit while we were at the beach… but it was worth it! A few of us braved the iffy weather and spent a good long time in the water. Some of us were perfectly content catching up, laughing, and huddling together enjoying the wacky Vineyard weather. After the beach, we loaded up the Red Bus and headed back to camp. We got all freshened up, and ready for dinner. Burritos!!! They were delicious. Following dinner we had our very own Camp Jabberwocky brand of Illumination Night. All those lanterns we’ve been talking about? We had them hung up throughout the front cabin and enjoyed looking at our hard work on display. We’ll be happy to return to Illumination Night when things get a little safer out there, but until then this really hit the spot. Almost as well as the BACKDOOR DONUTS we got for desert!!!!!!!




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