Lights! Camera! Mac ‘N’ Cheese!

Lights! Camera! Mac ‘N’ Cheese!

Today was a wild day! We started the day with breakfast at the beach. We attracted some wildlife while swimming! At least 4 striped bass were spotted! We also saw 2 jelly fish, 2 hermit crabs, and tons of tiny unidentifiable fish! Then we toweled off and grabbed some breakfast which was amazing! We have the best cooks in town!

We said “see you later” to our favorite beach and headed back to camp for lunch ,which was amazing! (Did we mention we have the best cooks in town?!) After lunch we had free time to rest, relax with a massage, or prepare for studio night!

Dinner tonight was one of our favorites: Mac ‘n’ cheese!

Studio night was spectacular! Kirk the Magnificent stunned his audience with his magic!

Ava held auditions for her dance company “Ava Lee”. All three contestants auditioned and successfully made the dance team!

Up next… Susanna sang a lovely tune!

Stacy, Gracie, and Avery sang and danced Ave Maria – what an elegant performance!

Lucy, Ava, Caroline and Isabelle hosted a baby shower for their Slithytoves baby. The photoshoot was cute and funny and the performance ended with the welcoming of their baby!

Jub Jub’s skit was awesome. Dr. Katya Frankinstein tried to bring people back to life… and it worked! She produced a monster, the ghost of Michael Jackson, and a few other cool-looking zombies!

Bekah, Susanna, and Caroline sang a lovely harmonious trio!

Finally…We closed out the night with a dance party!!

We danced to a few fun songs including “Freddy My Love” and thought about our friend Joshua.

Sadly, that is a wrap on week 5! Catch us again next week!




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