Martha’s Vineyard Madness!!!


Camp wouldn’t be able to function without the generous support of our entire island, so we decided to show our summer home a little love this year by making our parade theme Martha’s Vineyard! We had lighthouses, flying horses, town signs, our own little Vineyard Sound, and so many other iconic MV people/places. Our 48 hours straight of preparation payed off when we showed up in costumes that had no business being made entirely of cardboard, glitter, and a lot of heart.

We also won Best Float for our recreation of a Steamship Authority Ferryboat!

Enough with the talking! You just want to see our beautiful faces, so here’s over 100 photos of the parade:

As you can tell, the parade is soooo fun, and beautiful, and REEEEAAAALLLLLLY tiring. We’re ready to sleep until 12 tomorrow (please Jojo?).




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  1. Deb Ouellette
    July 5, 2019

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