Plundering, Par 4s, and Popsicles!

What a frabjous day we had today!! Some of us got a little fed up with society’s rhyme, reason, and rules, so we took to the high seas to become pirates!! We got tatted up, learned our new pirate language, and joined our pirate friends in  pillaging Nantucket  finding hidden treasure from Davy Jones!

We got that traitor Bones sooooo good! Look at him pouting in the ocean!

We fought a traitor, scared away a sea monster, found some treasure, enjoyed some tasty grog, and had a dance party- all in a morning’s work! Thank you for welcoming us into your pirate family, MV Pirates!!

Another group took a more civilized approach to their mornings and got some golf lessons from our NEDS pals.

We got back together at lunch and traded advice on golf swings and water-cannon-aiming, then took a quick nap, bikeride, yoga class, or slime-making class before throwing on our suits and heading to the BEACH!!

It was approximately 5,000º today, which meant it was the perfect temperature for swimming and eating the incredible popsicles AJ and Nicole helped us make yesterday!! They delivered them to us AT THE BEACH so we could cool off, and we also got to see their sweet popsicle trailor! Thank you so much, guys!!

Since it’s a summer Tuesday and Jabberwocky is at the beach, that can mean only one thing… COOKOUT AND DRUMMING ON THE BEACH!! This was probably the last drumming on the beach of the season (WHAT?!) and boy was it a beautiful one. The wind died down, the sunset put on quite a show, and we were all so grateful to be there with each other.

After drumming, we figured we needed one final sugar rush just to be able to shower everyone and get them ready for bed, so we swung by to see our friends at Back Door Donuts and grab some apple fritters and other treats!!

If reading all this made you feel happy and sleepy, just imagine how happy and sleepy we are from living it! We can’t wait to have another glorious day tomorrow, but for now we are all de-sanded, de-saltwatered, and ready for some sweet dreams!




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