Cloudy day on a Saturday! (Day 5)

Cloudy day on a Saturday! (Day 5)

Today’s post is brought to you by a camper, Andrew Z., who summarized both the day’s finished and prospective activities before eating dinner:

Hi my name is Andrew Zajchowski, and I am the guest blogger for today,  This morning we got up, and ate breakfast, we had a egg casserole, we also had hash browns, and we had morning classes, which were, sing along, with Kristin, and we made up our own classes, which were lantern painting, star wars, pottery, yoga, library trip, And then we had lunch, we ate, lasagna, french fries, green bean casserole, pasta. and salad, And then after lunch some peop-le went to beach on a cloudy day, and the rest of the campers and consulars went to town in vineyard haven we got ice cream, at Mad Martha’s and Bernie’s, my group went to Mocha Mot’s and the bookstore, and then we walked back to camp.

We are having dinner at 5pm, and after dinner Jub Jub, and the cabins at the top, are going to the flying hourses, and the cabins on the bottom are going to Dairy Queen to get ice cream.

some of the campers also went running today at the chilmark race. see the pics below!

P.S. Special thanks to Max and the team at Dairy Queen, as well as the team behind the Flying Horses Carousel, for always being so kind and welcoming towards us! We reallllllyy appreciate you for all that you do!! 

Nathan, still in Star Wars jedi mode while on his way to painting class




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