Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Today there was finally 0% chance of rain and 100% chance of the BEST DAY EVER.

This morning a few of our friends weren’t at breakfast. We assumed they were just being lazy and sleeping in, but when we went to shake ‘em awake they weren’t in their beds! They had been TAKEN. Just kidding, they willingly abandoned us at the crack of dawn to sail the open seas with some pirates.

Those who weren’t eating donuts and sippin’ grog had some great adventures, as well. One group went to Native Earth Teaching Farm, but you’ll see those pics in a couple days when we are knee-deep in parade prep. Another group had a private ceramics lesson with Madeline and an amazing visiting artist, and then they loaded up and headed over to a private tennis clinic at the Vineyard Haven Yacht Club! The pros were super knowledgeable and gave us all personalized advice to have some killer forehands and bodacious backhands. Thank you to Al and Brian for spearheading this, and Marilyn for thinking up this incredible idea in the first place! And thank you to all who came to play tennis with us- check our instagram for videos @campjabberwocky and thank you to Scott for the art direction and photos!

After everyone got home covered in goats, sweat, and ocean, we showered up and changed into our finest Costume Cabin Couture (or our own personal nice clothes) and picked up our dates for PROM!

The theme was Mardi Gras and les bon temps ont roulé! Hannah and sam Stoddard worked their butts off making the beautiful NOLA backdrop, Madeline transformed the Main Cabin into a divine bistro, and we had our professional prom photographer Matt Cosby to capture all our beautiful faces and all the beautiful fromage we got to eat!

We kidnapped Coral the Pirate and brought her back with us to come to prom with Ryno!

Thank you to our chefs Dan, Wallis, Corinne, Josh, and everyone who helped make a delicious 3 course feast and thank you to everyone who served and cleaned and decorated!!

After we stuffed our faces with fancy food, we headed on down to the studio to jump around, sweat off all our makeup, and scream our lungs out to Whitney Houston OF COURSE!

The winners of prom were Ruby, Sam Stoddard, Sean, and James! And now we are off to have our second showers of the day and dream up all the ideas we have to start making the PARADE a reality!




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