You’ve GOAT to be Catamar-Kidding Me!

Between boats and also goats, our morning got started with a bang. A group went to Native Earth Teaching Farm where we tried eating some flowers, feeding a pig, and petting some goats!

The rest of the crew went on the Mad Max catamaran for what is truly a buoyant cuddle puddle. 

From there, we went straight to the beach! You know the deal, sparkling sands, beautiful clear water, not a cloud in sight, just another day in paradise blah blah blah. The big hullabaloo today was our COWPERSON DANCE. We donned our best ten gallon hats, polished up our chaps, and stretched our ho-down muscles. 

We danced and danced until a stream of sweat carried us from the studio back to our beds (we wiped down before getting in our fresh sheets of course). But! Not before Cy and the boys sent everyone off on a high note with some Greased Lightning.

Yessirreebob, you’re darn tootin’ we had a great day!

We’ll tell y’all about the next one tomorrow!




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