Science, Sharky’s, and Shark-Catching

The theme of today’s classes was self-expression. We sculpted self-portraits in pottery, decorated meaningful words in art, and assembled shape stories in a dance class led by instructors from The Yard! There was also a special group photography class. More about this to come in a future post!

Some of us went to the Misty Meadows Equine Learning Center during class periods to hang out with horses! After lunch, camp had a visitor from the Museum of Science. She performed a bunch of really cool experiments! As you can see from our faces, we were absolutely AMAZED!We split up this afternoon into three different groups. The first group to leave camp went Kayaking! More fog than we had every seen swept across the pond, but that didn’t deter us! So what if we couldn’t see the shoreline, a quick rescue from Jordan and James ensured that we all got back to the beach safely! Another group went on the Skipper, a fishing boat. No one fell in!

Chloe caught a SHARK! The last group went into Oak Bluffs for dinner and a night on the town. As is expected whenever camp gives us money for food, way too many of us crowded into Sharky’s and stuffed ourselves silly!  

No trip to town is complete without ICE CREAM!

The activities that begin with “S” aren’t limited to today, because we have STUDIO NIGHT to look forward to tomorrow!



P.S. There are always some great photos that don’t fit within the narrative structure of the blog. Here’s a few of them as a special treat!


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