Busy Tuesday!

After filling our bellies with french toast, we had a relaxing morning filled with Yoga, Arts & Crafts, Writing, and just simply being with friends. We had a guest visitor run our Yoga class in the studio while others made sparkly crafts and wrote stories of all kinds in the Yurt! 

After lunch, we had a short rest period to enjoy however we would like. Since it was another cloudy and chilly day, we decided to have a Cabin Challenge in the Main Cabin instead of heading straight to the beach! There were all sorts of challenges including:

  1. Balancing an Oreo on your head and trying to get it into your mouth
  2. Balancing a plate on your head
  3. Singing a song
  4. Making your best bird noise
  5. Impersonating someone else at camp
  6. Reciting a poem

…..and for our finale, as usual, we had the Smelly Feet Competition! We had many participants besides the girls of Slithy Toves who pride themselves on cleanliness and personal hygiene.

Our professional panel of judges ^

Here is the smelly feet finale! The pictures follow a series of unfortunate events that knocked Nora straight to the ground thanks to Nathan.

At the end of the challenge, judge Tori announced that each of the 8 cabins had a 1st place win resulting in quite possibly the world’s largest tie! Woohoo!

Due to the cloudy and breezy day, we decided to have a cook-in at camp and Drumming in the studio. We brought the tables and chairs down to the blacktop for dinner and headed straight to the studio where our drummers played for us just like they do at the beach. Jude was there of course and everything was just like normal. Thank you drummers!

Goodnight to all and we can’t wait for a bright and sunny beach day tomorrow!


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